About the Festival

October 19, 2013
Fernland Historical Park
780 Clepper • Montgomery, Texas

B ooming cannons, dramatic Texas Independence battle reenactments, a Texian Army Tent Encampment  and Native American dancers are among the highlights planned for the Texian Heritage Festival at Fernland Historical Park in Montgomery, the third weekend in October.

From everyday Civil War era dresses of Texas women to the most elaborate of uniforms and antebellum dresses, and dozens of pioneer activities, the Festival will piece together our native history, explore the daily lives of early settlers on the frontier, and capture a glimpse of the living history and culture of Texas during the 1800s.

These Pioneer-themed events will be featured from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. at Fernland Historical Park in Montgomery, and admission is free.

Fernland is located in the Buffalo Springs development area, at 780 Clepper, across from Montgomery Elementary School. This historical park has four cabins from the 1800s — Hulon House of the Civil War era; Jardine Cabin, one of the oldest log structures in Texas; Crane Cabin, built by Confederal Civil War veteran Nickolas Crane; and Arnold Simonton House, focal point within Fernland, and one of the oldest houses in Montgomery County.

Texian Heritage Committee

We are a group of Montgomery County, Texas citizens who wish to support true Texas history portrayal through community education, public events and other means. Money raised through public events will benefit worthy local non-profit organizations.