Latest Schedule & Festival Map released

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G et ready for cannon fire! Don’t worry too much, though, as the original Virginian James Drury will be there to deal with the situation! What does all this have to do with schedules and Festival Maps?

Well, the schedule will tell you when everything, including the likelihood of cannon fire, will happen and the Festival Map will show you where everything happens so you can take in all the fun without missing a thing!

This year you’ll find an unlimited amount of fun between the battle reenactments taking place between the Texian and Mexican armies and the cowboy poets, Bluegrass music, Aztec dancers, dulcimer players,  and the list goes on. Just click on the image of the schedule and start making plans about your day at the Festival.

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Of course you’ll want to make your rounds of the food and merchandise vendors between all the activities as well. You can mosey on by our Vendor page on this web site to see the variety there.

So, preview the layout of the grounds so you can plan your route during the day. Just like the Schedule, you can click on the image of the map to enlarge the image.

If you’d like to download your own copy of these in PDF to print, or bring along on your mobile device use the links below: