City of Montgomery to sponsor Festival

logo_montgomery-tx M ontgomery, Texas, the birthplace of the Lone Star Flag continues its longstanding support to keep Texas history alive by becoming a major sponsor of the 2013 Texian Heritage Festival. Fun, music, food and a genuine Texas Spirit mark the personality that this historical city provides for Texans and out of state visitors to enjoy through the many events held here every year.

While this is the first year for this Texas history centric event to be named Texian Heritage, it is actually the fourth such event for the City of Montgomery. The 2012 event was named “Feeding the Frontier” and was held to benefit the Montgomery County Food Bank. This year’s event, Texian Heritage Festival is yet another community benefit event, primarily for Montgomery  County Emergency Assistance, with lesser portions of the proceeds benefiting Montgomery Historical Society and Fernland Historical Park, where the festival is being held.

We welcome the support of the city of Montgomery for this landmark event as well as our other sponsors and invite other businesses and organizations in the area to join the effort.